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The Little Hen and The Great War

By Jennifer Beck

Recommended by: Books & Ink Bookshop

Bookshop name Books & Ink Bookshop
recommendation 2014 has seen the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, has seen us flooded with an array of new books about the war, for adults and children. We'd like to recommend this little gem. It is a beautiful picture book and is perfect for sharing with children. It’s the story of a young farm boy, Arthur, who goes off to fight in the trenches in France. When he finds a lone little red hen he takes her under his wing and looks after her in the trenches. He is clearly devoted to the little hen and she brings much joy to his unit. It wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to adopt animals during the war – a touch of humanity in an otherwise inhumane environment – and this little story is very believable. It’s a touching introduction to the First World War and we know you will love it.