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The Moor

By William Atkins

Recommended by: Rossiter Books

Bookshop name Rossiter Books
recommendation ‘As you value your life and your reason, stay away from the moor.’ These threatening words, uttered by Sir Baskerville (of ‘hound’ fame), are ignored by all the best people- first Sherlock Holmes, and now the fantastic nature writer William Atkins. Travel in the author’s boggy, peaty footsteps as he traces the moorlands of England- from Exmoor to North Yorkshire- and explores their wonderfully vibrant, hidden dimensions through the scope of the people who lived there, through the land’s history and through what was written about these places. From Bronte’s classic adventures in Haworth to the real life struggles of the obscure Dartmoor farmer William Hannam, the author skilfully weaves a highly readable portrait of these often neglected places. But don’t tarry too long on those slopes- you don’t want to be there when the evening mist comes rolling in…