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Like A Tramp Like A Pilgrim

By Harry Bucknall

Recommended by: Rossiter Books

Bookshop name Rossiter Books
recommendation When you start on a pilgrimage, author Harry Bucknall writes, you enter a strange timelessness that pervades the whole journey- meaning you could be walking in 2014 one day, then alongside Cedric the Serious in 590AD. And, strangely, I know what he means- reading this book takes you into an area that is outside of the busy everyday, into a world of peace, of sunlight and of a footpath running endlessly in front of you, all the way to the Eternal City. In this wonderful book (the eye-catching title a homage to another travel writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor) Bucknall decides to walk the 1,300 miles from Canterbury to Rome on the ancient pilgrim route Via Francigena. However, he soon discovers that this commitment is no mean feat- it will involve blisters, terrible, itchy beds and, possibly worst of all, the occasional lack of breakfast. Along the way, he meets many fascinating people, explores the backwaters of France and Italy, and becomes immersed in the pilgrim experience. A truly engrossing and happy book, this is perfect for anyone itching to walk the great trails, and who thirst for adventure.