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Maggot Moon

By Sally Gardner,

Recommended by: Tales On Moon Lane

Bookshop name Tales On Moon Lane
recommendation In a world oppressed by a chilling dictatorship, Standish Treadwell is attempting to find his best friend Hector. Standish knows the terrifying Greenflies have taken Hector and his parents, however, the more secrets he uncovers; the more the Motherland’s terrifying forces try to stop him. Yet Standish, bullied horribly for being different, will not give up trying to find Hector or standing up for what he believes in whatever the cost…Although Maggot Moon is a real departure for Tales on Moon Lane favourite Sally Gardner, she brilliantly conjures up the unsettling, bleak world of a 1950s dictatorship. Where she really succeeds is with the character of Standish, a wonderful narrator – struggling with learning difficulties yet perceiving the dangerous world around him with startling clarity, full of self-deprecation and yet glowing with bravery, loyalty and love – Standish draws you in, alleviating the darkness. This book is certainly tough and thought-provoking, but it is also beautiful and hopeful: a fantastic new novel that needs to be read.