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By Marcus Sedgwick

Recommended by: Tales On Moon Lane

Bookshop name Tales On Moon Lane
recommendation Marcus Sedgwick Midwinter Blood is made up of a series of interlinked short stories, so elegantly woven together that the sum of the parts somehow manages to be greater than the whole. The book is set on a remote island, a single geographical location that anchors the reader as the story leaps into the future and back across an exhilarating expanse of history following two souls torn apart as they seek to be reunited.Each story is set at a moment in time where different social rules apply but what makes one human remains constant. Midwinter Blood explores the familiar feeling that you know somebody you could not possibly know and while packed full of Vikings, Vampires, Kings, Queens, betrayal, loyalty, ghosts, murders, new inventions and historical discoveries it is ultimately a love story.Sit back and enjoy, you are in the hands of a master story teller.